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I'm Quasiba Zeggen

I am Quasiba and I have been training and coaching various executives in leadership for over ten years. Focus points within my training and coaching sessions are effective communication, giving and receiving feedback and self-reflection. After training or coaching, participants can effectively manage and coach their team, in a way that suits them.

I create a safe space in which participants are challenged to dig deeper. I guide participants with humor, while they try out new behavior. Theoretical frameworks are used to reflect upon behavior and to discuss ways to improve.

My training courses are always tailor-made and fit in perfectly with the vision and mission of the client.


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I did the training 'Result-oriented management' at TU/E, given by Quasiba. This was the most educational training I have done so far. The combination between theory and practice was very nice. Practicing with training actors was also incredibly valuable. What I learned during the training, I can now effectively apply in my work.

– Marjolein von Reth

Quasiba was hired to train a group of senior consultants within our company. She has done a great job. Not only is she an expert in delivering the message, but she also does it in a creative way. Quasiba listens carefully to needs during training and is flexible in adapting the program as needed to meet all needs. The consultants were all satisfied with the training. Quasiba has a great sense of humour and I would definitely recommend her as a trainer at other companies.

– Myriam Keijzer

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable are words that come to mind when describing Quasiba. In the past year I got to know her in her capacity as a trainer within the traineeship program of the University of Groningen in which I was participating. During training sessions, Quasiba senses well which questions are at play among participants and knows how to meet the various needs with activating exercises. In addition, she is a warm person, who you quickly can build a relationship with of trust during the training. I would therefore without a doubt recommend Quasiba for training!

– Jarco Tehupuring



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