Coaching voor MR of OR voorzitters
It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

Coaching for chairs of participation councils

A lot is expected of a chairman of a participation council. In terms of content, you need to be on top of things making sure you know what is happening in your organization. Process-wise, you need to ensure that meetings run efficiently and effectively. In working with the board, you want to stand your ground and at the same timework together in a pleasant and professional way.

My coaching will help you to perform in a way that suits you in the organizational context you operate in. What would you like to work on in your coaching session?


Team coaching participation councils

How would you characterize your team? How well do you know each other’s expertise and qualities? Are you all on the same page and working towards the same goal? Team coaching helps you shape a coherent team in which all qualities are recognized and used. You have a better understanding of your purpose as a team and how to reach it.

Quasiba Zeggen coaching en training

For whom

I offer three sorts of training/coaching for participation councils:
1. Individual coaching for a chairperson
2. Small team coaching for the daily board of a participation council
3. Team coaching for all participation council members.

Coaching sessions are given in Dutch, but can also be given in English on request.


Training and coaching can be done at your organization or at a location of your preference outside company walls. Let us explore the options together.


During the individual coaching sessions I help chairpersons grow in 5 to 8 conversations.  After the first few session we evaluate the coaching. Together we decide if and how we continue our collaboration.


Team coaching is offered in half-day or full day sessions. The duration of the training depends on your question.


Prices are on request and vary per coaching trajectory. Please contact me for more information via the contact form.


Are you interested in coaching? Please contact me to schedule an appointment.