Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Quasiba Zeggen coaching en training


As a facilitator I provide an environment in which groups can have effective meetings. Leave the process to me so you and your team can focus on the content.

During meetings, I often use the Deep Democracy Method. This method focuses on decision-making with attention to, and appreciation of all views. Everyone is actively invited to share their point of view.

Deep Democracy enhances the quality of decision-making leading to richer decisions that everyone is committed to.


For whom

I facilitate groups from 3 to 300 people. Both on- and offline. Contact me to see how I can accommodate your team.


Facilitation is possible anytime, anywhere. I would be happy to come to you.  


Prices are at request. Feel free to contact via the contact form.

Need a facilitator?

Are you looking for a facilitator? Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.