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Communication with your customer

Customer-friendly and assertive communication is key to success for any company that deals with people. In this training your team learns how to communicate in a constructive way and getting the message across pleasantly at the same time.


How would you characterize your team? How well does your team know each other’s expertise and qualities? Is everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal? With the use of creative assignments team coaching helps you shape a coherent team in which all qualities are recognized and used. At the end everyone has a better understanding of their purpose as a team and how to reach it.



Giving and receiving feedback

If co-workers can honestly and openly evaluate their collaboration, they will work together more effectively and pleasantly.

In the training 'Giving and receiving feedback' colleagues learn how to engage in a feedback conversation in a constructive way. The training focuses on being open to feedback, actively looking for feedback and receiving feedback professionally. We also look at how to give feedback in a constructive way, so it is well received by colleagues.

The 'LUTA model' used in the training is designed by Quasiba.

Training Feedback geven en ontvangen
Training strategisch en persoonlijk leiderschap

Strategic and personal leadership

As an excellent leader you know who you are and what you have to offer. You know your pitfalls and how to manage them. You listen carefully to the people you work with and your management style matches the needs of your employee(s), not your own preferred style.

In the training ‘Strategic and personal leadership’, thinking and acting go hand in hand. We use challenging exercise which stretch your comfort zone and push your limits. Following the exercise there is time to actively reflect and share experiences. Theory and models are offered to help understand the experience and put it in perspective. The focus is on what works and on how these strengths can be used to your full advantage.

Leadership Lab Ardennes

People learn most from things that go ‘wrong’. During the leadership Lab in the Ardennes, participants experience what works and what does not, when leading a team. The teachings of Carol Dweck on flexible mindsets is used throughout the course.

During challenging assignments (given by experienced outdoor instructors) teams of two lead the group to a goal that is hard to reach. The emphasis in these assignments is on distinctive aspects of leadership and demands the utmost in terms of leadership skills. After each assignment there is an extensive evaluation, and the theory is tested against the gained experience.

The Leadership Lab has room for 8 to 12 participants. The activities take 4 days, and a booking includes overnight stays and meals.

Curious about what the Leadership Lab can bring your High Potentials? Feel free to contact me.

Outdoor training Ardennen Lab

For whom

Training is given to groups of 4-12 people. Deviating numbers can be discussed. Training courses are given in Dutch, but can also be given in English by request.


In company or at an external location? Let’s discuss the options together.


Every training is tailor-made. In an intake we discuss what suites best given the challenges your team faces.


Prices are at request and vary per training. You can request more information via the contact form.

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